Group Builders Inc.

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.

A message from:
Lito Alcantra

We’ve built our company based on passion for our work and turning ideas into reality.

We value the skills, talents, and dedication of our employees; it is something that they developed willingly to give as a service to you.  We are truly humbled by the support of all our employees, corporate professionals and our clients.

We look forward to more and more collaborative and successful experiences with you and showcasing them onour website.


Helping to improve quality of living, one project
at a time.


It is our commitment to build projects based on quality work, within budget and schedule, to meet goals and expectations through comprehensive planning and team-oriented execution.


Quality, Integrity, Responsibility

Our History

Along with Charlie Cook, Lito and a group of five foremen started Group Builders, Inc. in 1979.  The company set out to build their first high-rise project, The Chandelier Condominium in Salt Lake.  The beginning was a huge struggle for the company.  In time, patience, persistence and hard work paid off, leading to The Chandalier’s completion in 1980.

Meet The Team

Meet the dedicated team behind Group Builders Inc., where passion, expertise, and a commitment to excellence come together to bring your vision to life.


Front Row: Randy Castor, Emil Cosio, Roy Balantac, Lito Alcantra, Ethylene Ipalari, Darwin Cabanas, Mel Lorenzo
Back Row: John Sagsagat, Emil Bete, Ruth Ramos, Artjay Mercado,
Missing: Israel Cruz,  Rodel Laragan.


Front Row: Ronald Badua, Rico Palos, Nestor Ugale, Rey Argel, Tran Bumanglag, Lito Alcantra, Johnny Butay, Marico Visaya, Redentor Edades
Back Row: Lloyd Toribio, Robert Ceria, Carlos Bulan, Eduardo Lazarte, Onofre Florentino, Edwin Castillo, Rizal Ganal, Bernard Nuesca


Front Row: Aida Alcantra, Nora Alcantra, Lito Alcantra, Andrea Benitez
Back Row:  John Visaya, Bernard Sevilla, Melvyn Pidong, Nelia Castro, Grace Ganal, Gracie Malapit, Lucy LlenaMissing: Esther Visaya


Nestor Lazo, Charlie Cook, Lito Alcantra, Amado Sanchez, Mel Lorenzo


Front Row: Ernie Ponce, Lito Alcantra, Mel Lorenzo
Back Row: Nemi Raquepo, Noel Santos, Jhun Nicolas
Missing: Josie Felicitas, Domy Claudio

To One Of Hawaii's
Top Construction Companies

There continued to be many more milestones in the coming years for Group Builders, Inc.  Each step continued to root the company solidly into the ground.  Through every challenge, Group Builders, Inc. persevered by upholding its mission of providing quality service to its clients and finishing projects on time.

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